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Recommended Third RC Planes

The list on this page is a little more diversified compared to the two previous recommendation lists. To fly one of these planes, you should be able to take off and land without pancaking your plane into the ground. Another important thing to keep in mind is that if you do not yet coordinate rudder in your turns, you should probably work on that with your trainer and second plane(s).

Keep in mind that these are part of a general framework, coupled with my previous lists, should get you a higher probably of success in this challenging hobby. Your mileage may vary. We all crash from time to time, but working the fundamentals helps a great deal when it comes to long-term success, and more importantly, fun in the hobby! 

You will see some great options for your Third RC Plane(s) below. Remember that before you can consider any of these, it is highly recommended that you become proficient with at least one of the planes found on The Top Second RC Planes page.

E-flite Turbo Timber Evolution RC Plane

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When I think about a plane that should be at the top of everyone's third plane list, this one is what comes to mind. It come BNF Basic, so all you need to do is supply your Spektrum radio, battery, and charger. It also comes  with an expertly tuned gyro called AS3X to smooth out air turbulence, Safe Select to automatically level your plane if you get a bug in your eyes or fly into the sun, and a set of floats for the option of float flying.

If all of that was not enough to get you to click on the links to learn more about it, I will share that will also fly on 3 or 4S packs as small as 2200mAh packs and as high as 5000mah lipo packs.

E-flite UMX Air Tractor BNF RC Plane

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The E-flite UMX Air Tractor is an RC Plane that is among my favorite UMX's to fly. It looks just like the crop duster that was in the movie Planes and can bind to any current Spektrum Radio. It runs on a 3S 300mAh, so it has a lot of speed to go with its great low-wing handling.

Click here get your E-flite UMX Air Tractor

Arrows RC Husky RC Plane

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This is a very big foam RC STOL Plane at a great value. It handles well and comes PNP with flaps installed. The light kit that comes with it is very very good too.

Click here to get your Arrows Husky

E-flite T-28 Trojan RC Warbird

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The E-flite T-28 Trojan is considered by many to be the Gold Standard for foam RC Warbirds. Since its real life counterpart was design to be a trainer, this and nearly ALL T-28's fly very very well. Much like the E-flite Turbo Timber Evolution, it flies on 3S or 4S packs, but I would still with just 2200's for things plane. It is $229 and is a BNF model that requires a Spektrum Radio.

Click here get your E-flite T-28 Trojan

E-flite UMX Pitts Biplane

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This one has been among my favorite RC Planes back to when I first really got into making YouTube videos. is my favorite  that requires you to use a Spektrum Radio.

Click here to get your E-flite UMX Pitts Biplane

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