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Top Second RC Plane Choices

This page is a continuation of my recommended RC Plane Progression to give you the RC Beginner the best possible chance of making it through the challenges to this great hobby! The good news is the tech has improved greatly since started flying in 2011 and you can reach out to me video the contact form on my Affiliates Page or via any of my social media accounts.

In this second recommended list on the site, we will go over some great options for Second RC Planes. Remember that before you can consider any of these, it is highly recommended that you become proficient with at least one of the planes found on The Best Trainer RC Planes page.

E-flite UMX Night Vapor RC Plane

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This one almost made it onto my RC Trainer Plane list as it comes RTF with a simple radio, flight battery, and a USB charger, is well mannered and surprising durable, as I showed in my Unboxing & Maiden Flights video with it. Its current price is $140 and it is well worth it for the lights alone. While it is not a speed demon and is best suited as an indoor flyer, it is magic outside on calm summer evenings that really highlight its lights.

E-flite UMX Radian BNF RC Glider

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The E-flite UMX Radian is another plane that was considered for the RC Trainer Plane list, but unlike the UMX Night Vapor, this one does not come with its own  Spektrum Radio. You will need one of those to enjoy this excellent micro RC Glider. It flies on 1S battery packs and is best in evenings and mornings when the air is calmest.

E-flite UMX Turbo Timber Evolution RC Bush Plane

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I consider this to be in in the running for the best UMX RC Plane ever created, closely followed by the UMX Pitts you will see featured in a different section of this list. This plane has been used by a number of people as a trainer plane due to its great handling, SAFE Select, & AS3X. I do caution people to avoid using this one as a trainer due to the complexity of flaps and it's dynamic flying ability on 3S power. Like the UMX Radian, this plane comes BNF and requires a compatible Spektrum Radio. My favorite features are its great landing gear set and bright light kit.

E-flite Night Radian BNF RC Glider

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The E-flite Night Radian is an easy to fly 3-channel glider with a 2 meter wingspan. It also has the best light kit in RC with many different modes and sequences to choose from as you fly through the air, day or night. It requires a 3S battery, so it has plenty of power to gain altitude. It is $240 and is a BNF model that requires a Spektrum Radio.

Arrows RC SZD-54 PNP RC Glider

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This is my favorite large glider coming in at 2 meters for only $209. It has tons of great features such as a snap & screw wing design for easy transport, flaps, ailerons, and two wheels on the bottom to safely land on a variety of surfaces. The flaps to an exceptional job of slowing you down to land in a much smaller area than it requires without them. You will need to provide your radio and receiver system of choice, unlike the E-flite Night Radian that requires you to use a Spektrum Radio.

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