The Best First EDF Jets

So you want to fly an EDF Jet? Ok, let's help you select your first EDF Jet AFTER you have some flying experience under you belt. Along with my First EDF Jet recommendations, I have included some questions to ask yourself before selecting your First EDF Jet:

  • Have a mastered 4-Channel RC Planes, including RC Warbirds?

  • Will your shoulders and throwing ability tolerate the need for firm accurate hand launches?

  • What kind of surface will you be taking off and landing on?

  • Are you aware of the significant differences between flying EDF Jets vs Prop Planes? If you are not, study them in detail to ensure you are prepared to quickly advance into safely flying 6S EDF Jets. For example, the stall speed is MUCH faster with EDF Jets than Prop Planes and that is what causes more EDF Jet crashes. They often crash due to not enough energy in turns (use throttle in turns) and by getting too slow when landing.

Arrows RC Viper 50mm EDF Jet

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For many people without access to a paved runway, this would make the perfect First EDF Jet that is PNF. Its price is only $140 for an extremely forgiving airframe for an EDF Jet. The key for this EDF Jet is in its simplicity. It takes a basic 1500mAh Lipo Battery, simple 4-Channel RX, no gyro system, and is easy to throw for a hand launching EDF Jet. It DO NOT come with landing gear, so you must factor in the surface you will be flying off of for this plane to be a good fit for your individual needs. For example, if you only have a paved runway, I suggest checking out one of the options with landing gear below.

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Arrows RC BAe Hawk 50mm EDF Jet

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This PNF EDF Jet offers a lot of of the same pros and cons as the Arrows Viper does, but offers an attractive scale jet that comes with a gyro system built-in. That gyro offers a setting that helps make the hand launch with this plane incredibly easy. The other gyro setting helps smooth out turbulence in flight. Like the Viper, it takes a basic 1500mAh Lipo Battery, simple 4-Channel RX, and is easy to toss underhanded with the gyro built-in gyro system. Watch my Unboxing Video and Maiden Flight Video to learn more.

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E-flite UMX Citation Longitude Twin 30mm EDF Jet

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If you want an EDF Jet with landing gear and have a nicely paved runway, this is an option to explore. It comes with the receiver built-it making it a BNF Basic. It binds with all current Spektrum Radios and has a nice light kit built into it. This one requires zero assembly and can be stored inside the box it comes in. This is a gentle flyer for an EDF Jet and is very stable for what it is. It also comes with a gyro system built-in similar to that of the Arrows BAe Hawk and can be hand launched after removing the landing gear.

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E-flite F-15 Eagle 64mm EDF Jet

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For many, this might be the best First EDF Jet option. It has landing gear that makes it a nice option for paved surfaces, is the most durable on this list, comes BNF, and has a nice gyro system just like the UMX Citation. The only area I would caution is its top speed, which is significantly faster than the other options on this page with the exception of the Freewing Lippisch P.15. For those without experience flying faster planes, I would recommend one of the other planes on this list.

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E-flite UMX A-10 30mm EDF Jet

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The UMX A-10 Warthog V2 is great flying EDF JET. It is fast and handles well, so long as you have the center of gravity dialed in well. Given its very small size, there is not a wide CG range. Once that is found and consistently applied, this will do a legit 65MPH in flat level flight. Given its size, it seems much faster than that, depending on how close you fly it to your face. DO NOT FLY it by your face! I was just making a point lol

Freewing Lippisch P.15 64mm EDF Jet

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The Lippy is the least expensive option on the list and is one of the fastest. It also the most challenging to get into the air without nosing into the ground. However, once in the air, its flight envelope is rather forgiving and it is VERY FUN! To address the challenge of hand launching the plane with consistency, I added what is called a "launch switch". What it does is effectively add some "up" to the elevons making it easier to keep it in the air the first few seconds after release. Once it is up and flying with plenty of lift, flip the switch to turn that off and the fun is on!!!  

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Once you have become proficient with your First EDF Jet, visit the Second Plane List

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