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The Characters Of GBLynden's RC!

This characters page dedicated to my RC Friends that help me by letting me capture their maiden flights for use on my channel. A mix of pilots using their flying styles really helps give the viewer an idea of how their skills & tastes will resonate with a given RC Plane. The best part is they buy planes from the best brands such as Horizon Hobby's E-flite & HobbyZone lines, Motion RC's Flightline, Freewing, & Skynetic lines, and HobbyKing's Durfly, H-King, & Avios lines. All of that helps keep me independent.

Channel Characters

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Wild Bill Fynn

I met Wild Bill Flynn in June of 2015. He enjoyed my channel & indicated he wanted to fly with me. Since that time, Bill has become a crowd favorite know for his epic crashes and fun visits on Hump Day RC.

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Reckem Roys RC

Roy is a fun and likable guy that loves to fly hard & adds his own flavor to the videos he appears in. He is quickly becoming a celebrated personality in my videos & I look forward to flying with Roy again soon!.

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Wildman Tim

Tim is one of those RC Buddies you treasure. He is not only one of the best and most grounded people I have met, but he is game to fly any time the weather is flyable. Look for more Tim flying footage soon!

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