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Excellent 6S EDF Jets

Now that you have had a great time flying your Arrows 50mm EDF's or your E-flite EDF Jets, you think you are ready for a 6S Jet? Allow me to help you make the best choice for you with the objective write-ups for each jet noted below.:

  • Have a mastered one of my recommended First EDF Jets?

  • What kind of surface will you be taking off and landing on?

  • Are you aware of the significant differences between flying EDF Jets vs Prop Planes? If you are not, study them in detail to ensure you are prepared to quickly advance into safely flying 6S EDF Jets. For example, the stall speed is MUCH faster with EDF Jets than Prop Planes and that is what causes more EDF Jet crashes. They often crash due to not enough energy in turns (use throttle in turns) and by getting too slow when landing.

Freewing BAe Hawk 70mm EDF EDF Jet

YT -Freewing BAe Hawk.png

This was my first 6S EDF Jet and I have enjoyed every single flight! It fit like a glove from the very first flight and still does to this day. It is still one of my all-time favorite EDF Jets of any size. With that being said, I do plan to upgrade to the FMS BAe 80mm EDF Jet when it comes time to replace it as I have heard that it is EVEN BETTER than my AWESOME Freewing 70mm with the chicken wire landing gear. 

Click here to get your Freewing BAe Hawk EDF Jet

FMS Rafale 80mm EDF Jet

YT - Logo Template - 22.png

The FMS Rafale 80mm EDF Jet is a very unique jet in terms of its looks and flight characteristics. In person, the jet is a stunner. The landing gear is as good as it gets and the same thing applies to the very bright light kit it comes with fully installed. If you already have some 6S Jets and want to mix it up with a very stunning delta winged jet with a TON for thrust, the Rafale from FMS is the jet for you. Click on the image or the link below to get yourself one of these, while they last!

Click here get your FMS Rafale EDF Jet

E-flite Viper 90mm EDF Jet

YT - Logo Template - 22.jpg

This is the most expensive jets I have on this list. It also happens to be one of the BEST! However, it is not for those without a larger RC Budget at over $650. Those that own it swear it is worth every penny and I have to agree. It comes with a highly tuned gyro enabled receiver built-into the plane, making it a BNF Basic (Bind And Fly Basic).


It binds with all current Spektrum Radios, comes pre-tuned with the legendary AS3X gyro system & Safe Select, telemetry via its Smart ESC/Smart Receiver, and has a VERY nice light kit built into it. Did I mention very rugged landing gear for an EDF Jet?

Click here to get your E-flite Viper 90mm RC Jet

E-flite or FMS Viper 70mm EDF Jet

YT - Logo Template - 22.png

Both the FMS Viper 70mm and the new E-flite Viper 70mm come with upgraded EDF units, ESC, and offer suspension landing gear. I loved my original chicken wire landing gear E-flite Viper, but the new ones that come with the trailing link suspension are next level offerings, for a very fair price! 

Click here to get your FMS 70mm EDF Jet

E-flite F-16 Thunderbirds 80mm EDF Jet

YT - Logo Template - 22.png

The E-flite F-16 Thunderbirds 80mm EDF Jet, that has an optional After Burner Ring is one of the best EDF Jets that E-flite has ever made. It is grass capable, looks the part, and flies very very well! Check out my videos showing my buddy Bryan shredding the sky with it, even in VERY strong winds.

Click here get your E-flite F-16 80mm

FMS Integral 80mm EDF Jet

YT - Logo Template - 22 - Blue.png

This PNF EDF Jet with its unique futuristic design offers a lot of pros for me and where I fly. The highly capable FMS Integral 80mm platform goes where you point it, just like a great flying jet should. The speed is about perfect for most RC Pilots, lights are functionally day bright, excellent presence in the air, and the rugged landing gear as good as any jet I have owned.

When I am in the mood to fly an 80mm Jet, this FMS Jet will be at the top of my list. It is a great size and fits perfectly in my car for easy grab and go transport.,

Click here get your FMS Integral EDF Jet

If you are not yet ready for a 6S EDF Jet, visit the First EDF Jet Page

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