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About The GBLynden's RC YouTube Channel!

This site is dedicated to all things RC Flight related, including RC Unboxings, RC Flight Reviews, and

RC Livestreams. If you want to help keep this channel independent, please click on the affiliate links for

purchases you are going to make anyway. That helps keep me independent and completely unbiased.

Channel Offerings


I make unboxing videos featuring everything from Trainer RC Planes to EDF Jets from the top manufactures. those including Horizon Hobby, Hobby King, Motion RC, & Arrows RC.

Flight Reviews

Making honest & real flight review videos, with very little talking, is what I pride myself on. JohnVHRC is normally on the camera, and when I am not flying, Wild Bill Flynn is on the sticks entertaining us all!


I have an RC Livestream every week called Hump Day RC with GBLynden's RC. I keep my audience updated on the latest going on with me and my channel, as well as feature my favorite RC Planes & RC Gear.

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